Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Checking out.

You. You and your words. You and your hurtful words. You and your hurtful, abusive words. You and your hurtful, abusive words will no longer be heard. You and your hurtful, abusive words will no longer be heard by myself or our three children, if the courts or I have anything to do with it. I have never spoken badly of you to them. I figured they would learn on their own. And that is the problem for you... that is why you are so angry right now. Your non existent relationship with them is causing you pain. So to deal with that pain you have to be angry and mean, and extremely hurtful, and name call and try to hurt everyone so that they (like you) are hurting too. I'm putting my foot down. You have made the bed of your children not wanting a relationship with you. Lay in it. I frankly hope its uncomfortable. Find God. Learn what your children are supposed to be, and that they (really) are not your children at all. They are His, and you are temporarily caring for them. If you choose not to, that is where I come in. I'm tired. I'm done. I have given you years of trying to 'get help' and 'become a better person' in those years I have only watched more pain, heartbreak and tears be caused. I'm laying down the effort I have put in on you. I'm giving my last efforts to the courts, and God. Between the two of them, what needs to happen will.

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