Sunday, February 27, 2011

Life has been crazy. Crazy enough to leave me little time to blog.

Morgan has been okay. She is 17 now and reminding me daily that she is only 7 months away from being an adult. LOL, in my head I have a feeling that 18 isn't going to change much. I will still worry about her and she will still (HAHAHAHAHAHA) need her mommy :) (yea!)

Connor is doing good too. Talk of getting his permit has started to surface. Ugg. He loves school but hates his. We have struggled with this being that the school he hates is his home school and the other high schools lead to transportation issues or no out of district enrollment. We need to sit down and think and get a little creative. My problem is getting him to and from school. I am doing daycare (and unable to drive) during the times of the days that he would need to get there and be picked up. My job is so frustrating sometimes, but then I think most parents would be working at those times.

Kali is doing good too. She is learning life is what you make of it and growing up way to quickly. She is also talking about getting her permit. These kids are going to kill me lol. She has reached this new silly phase/age. Everything is goofy and giggling and I find myself telling her to calm at least ten times a day... she is just so.... so hyper. lol.

Maddie is still my girly girl. We have reached the emotions that I thought we may get so lucky to miss. I guess it happens to all pre-teens. Sigh. I was hoping she wouldn't go there lol. She is still all about hair, and nails and polka-dots and pink. She is still my straight A student regardless of her Debbie Downer teacher we have delt with all year. I somehow have kept Maddie excited about school and working really hard regardless of this teacher who so doesn't deserve to be one.

Jaidyn is still very much the tomboy. We have to BEG her to get out of bed each morning. She likes school but is NOT a morning person. Each and every morning is a battle. We have tried everything including a WAY early bed time and nothing works. She is just a massive grump in the morning. Her teacher loves her and she is enjoying school, but she is still refusing to wear the uniform skirts and will only wear pants. She cracks me up.

Mark is Mark. He is adorable and has the biggest blue eyes. We are talking a TAD more but not much. He has been approved for speech therapy to continue through preschool which has caused a whole bunch of new feelings. I don't like the idea of putting a three year old on a bus, (because they bus him to and from preschool). I have a lot of mixed feelings on this. I think you can explain to a five year old that this bus is going to take you to school and then it will bring you back. A three year old with speech issues does not hold that same comprehension. It is scary to me. He for the most part has been healthier. The first nearly two years of his life was scary. I didn't know what was wrong or what to do for him. National Jewish was amazing. The Children's Hospital was amazing too. We were really blessed to have each of them.

As far as Steve and I go... we won't bore you lol.

I just wanted to say hello and give everyone an update on the kids... hopefully I will get more into this blogging thing again. I do miss it!!!

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