Sunday, January 2, 2011

Looking back on 2010... Making the Lemons life handed me colorful...

So I have to say to sum up 2010, I think it was one of my 'bad' years. It was NOT a good year at all. Sure it had some good moments but the bad weighed out the good this year by far. Which is why I am so so so so excited for a NEW YEAR!!!
Looking back on the year here are the times that 'stick out': In no order. Good and bad. Beautiful and Ugly.

:) Of course the obvious blessings, our health, a home, and a huge family.

:'( Nita passing away. :'( hardest thing all year to take. Hands down. Still struggling.

:) Having a full daycare and daycare parents and kids that love me!!!

:) and :') and ;'( Jaidyn starting kindergarten.

:( Steve being out of work for nearly eight months of the year.

:( Mark being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. Which was good and bad. We finally had some answers to why he was always sick. But it also caused a LOT of unexpected expenses when Steve wasn't working to find specialists for him. And his poor skin has taken a beating. BUT, I have learned a lot.

:) Morgan took HUGE strides this year. Enough said.

:) All of our kids doing great in school.

:) Going back to school to get my pilots license.

(? I wish there was a mad face sticking out tongue spitting) God working on my heart to forgive and love your enemies. As I said, Working on my heart. As of now, first day of the new year I still HATE her. I still am UNABLE to forgive or consider forgiving her. There are only two subjects that can bring me to full on tears and this is one of them.

;'( One of my friends/daycare moms ending her life and the life of her unborn baby. And leaving her beautiful daughter w/o a mom.

;'( A very dear friend from high school passed away saving the life of his wife and unborn child.

;'( My doctor diagnosing me with Menieres Disease.

;'( A total of $3427 dollars spent on diagnosing Mark. AND YES we have insurance. SIGH.

;') Being handed Jerry's pocket watch by his brother in law, and getting Nita's couches the same way.

;) Facebook has been a blessing for me, I know it sounds crazy, but it cheered me up a lot this year!!!

;) Mark understanding Halloween this year was so much fun!

:)Getting Max and Joey (our dogs).

;( Getting Max and Joey (our dogs). LOL kidding Lori.

:) Christmas was wonderful. A little sad w/o Nita but still made amazing by mom and dad.

:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A family that loves me and stood by me and all of my tears and crying this year. It was a tough one for sure. But what doesn't kill us will make us stronger right? I'm sure I am forgetting tons of things... but it is three o'clock in the morning which reminds me of another thing I have dealt with all year... the inability to sleep. Just like right now... yippy skippy. I hope you all have many memories of 2010, and I wish you all a wonderful and Happy New Year! Enjoy 2011!

With much love,

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