Thursday, December 30, 2010

Work with me here. They are the same on the outside.... but do things that LOOK the same make you feel different?

Think of two beach balls. A perfect, brand new, bright, shinny beach ball. Blown up to perfection and holding air wonderfully. Then the other, a little faded, a little soft, blown up but maybe leaking a little. Not enough to go flat though. The new one bounces so well. The new one seems to fly higher when hit 'just right'. Even being the same material, the new one feels smoother. The older one you just know. You know how hard it needs to be bounced off your fingertips to fly. It has to be refilled with air often. The colors are faded from your journeys in the sun with it. But each skuff, or mark holds a story. But you are eager to 'make' skuffs and marks with the new ball. Which ball do you want to play with?

How many subjects in your life can you fit this story? Think about it and comment if you want to. I'll elaborate more tomorrow....

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