Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things I'm working on... Along with wearing yellow.

Ten things I'd like to work on in 2011:

1. Be more forgiving.

2. Try to NOT cry when I am upset.

3. Listen to my heart. With my ears wide open.

4. Build more 'individual relationships' with my kids VS family ones. We do EVERYTHING as a family and I tend to forget the one on one time. One on one time is really hard when you have six kids. I'm going to work on it.

5. Slow down. Not need to be going all the time. Breathe in total silence for ten minutes every day.

6. Get my paperwork done ahead of time instead of last minute.

7. Be ahead on laundry, such as a load or two every day.

8. Help Maddie with her Science project due Jan 18th. &*^*%%&^T*&Y(*&(*^*&^*(&(*^*&% I don't want to. :'( THIS ASSIGNMENT IS TORTURE FOR ME EVERY SINGLE YEAR. IT IS THE ONLY TIME I WANT TO UN ENROLL MY CHILDREN FROM THEIR AWESOME SCHOOL.

9. Reading (at least) one book a month.

10. Taking more pictures and telling those around me how much they are loved.

My bonus one... Letting Lynn die in my mind. Letting it go. I find so much peace in the fact that Nita knew she was going to be such a bitch to me. "Wear yellow, you will feel better..." -Nita Tolve OH and I did buy a yellow sweater this weekend!

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