Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am in a good mood today. LOL, not that is such a rare occurrence that I need to post it or tell people who read my blog lol! I am just having one of those days that makes you step back and really 'pay attention' to life. Feel the sunshine, hear the rhythm in the rain.. you know, slow down and be thankful.

I didn't realize how stressed I have been. Over the economy. Our finances, my daycare PARENTS, (well some of them anyway). My grandma Nita's family. And all of the sudden I realized, all of this time I have been stressed, and unhappy and emotional and angry. Months, days, hours and minutes have passed proving that tomorrow always comes and your waisting time on those feelings. So be mad, be stressed be emotional, that is only normal, BUT limit those feelings to seconds that don't add up to a full minute of your long day, and move on to the good feelings!
Tomorrow comes. Regardless of how you feel. Pray about you feelings. Find the good in the situation and move on! I'm getting wiser in my older age... :)
Love ya all!

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