Monday, October 25, 2010

Saul, Ananias, God and Jesus. Hmmm where were you yesterday?

So have you ever had that 'ah ha' moment? That walk into a glass wall and fall on your butt moment? The wall you never saw coming? You know the moment when Jesus knocked Saul on his butt moment? (Acts 9:1-18) The story where Ananias questioned God but went to Saul to 'wake him up', give Saul that, 'ah ha' moment. Although I think a huge light coming out of the sky knocking me on my butt would be my ah ha moment, that Ananias coming to me to make my blindness go away would just confirm it. (Thank you to my church this weekend.... great story to share.. very needed). Making some BIG changes in my life. When Pastor Jim asked us who we could relate to more in this story, Saul, the continual sinner even when he felt he was doing right or Ananias, who judged Saul and questioned God. I felt like I easily related more to Ananias. I judge others who are doing wrong instead of acting like a Christian and helping them. It also cleared my vision in the area that I too (like Ananias) was and am a Saul myself. We are all sinners. You just have to stop and look. Wow. Its so much more than just breaking laws and doing wrong. Its the walk we walk and the talk we talk. All I can say is I am responsible for me, (well and for now, my kids), however Miss Cindy, just did a 180.
The turn felt great by the way.

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