Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Now you too? Wow, ummmm, I'm so sorry....

"No fault no blame, nobody done no wrong, thats just the way it sometimes goes... sometimes two people just don't get along and its time to hit the road, Goodbye, farewell, So long, Vaya condos, Goodluck, wish you well, take it slow..."

Three of my friends are going through divorces. It is just weird. You learn to love your friends WITH their spouses. And what if your own spouse is friends with your friends spouse? I think we wind ourselves into what is going on around us.

"it just wasn't in the cards...."

Is divorce an easy answer? Sometimes a little too easy I think.

"Said she's had enough of me... I've had enough of her too..."

What makes you hit the point of throwing the cards in? Is it when he is a total stranger all of the sudden? When does it actually happen?
When does she just not make you feel loved anymore? Can you put your finger on it? One day its there and the next it is gone.

Most of all why does other marriages throwing the towel in make it easier to throw yours in too?

"Easy come girl, easy go..."

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