Friday, April 30, 2010

The "B" word (not the word you are thinking) :)

That 'B' word. Blame.

We blame our dog for our eaten homework (when we know we didn't do it). We blame traffic for being late (when we know we pushed snooze three extra times). We blame our bank for our short checks (when we know we wrote them knowing we get paid the NEXT day). We blame the ticket on the police (even though we were speeding). We blame the weather on the weather man (come on really?). We blame our neighbor for the leaves in our yard (when we clearly noticed the wind blowing). We blame our crappy childhoods on why we can't be socially acceptable now, (when we really didn't have it that bad as a kid). We blame Tommy for hitting us, (when clearly we pushed him first). Amazing.

I am talking about society in general. Isn't 'blaming' basically lying? Are we not lying in SOMEWAY everyday. My biggest pet peeve is accountability. WHEN are we/teenagers/kids/society/me/you/our husbands/wives/parents going to finally be accountable for our actions?
Flat out say, I am so sorry I was late, I just couldn't get out of bed today. I know why. Self image. We are so worried about what we look like. What people will think of us. Man we are horrible people for hitting snooze. Ok so if hitting snooze makes you look bad to the boss. Why not a simple, "sorry I'm late". I personally think it looks MORE professional to not place ANY blame.
The other day I saw a homeless guy holding a sign that instead of saying "out of work" or "any amount will help" it just said, "I am NOT going to lie. I just want a beer." Do you know that everyone was forking out the dollars? I am not kidding. And people were smiling doing so. It was amazing.
Add honesty, accountability and acknowledgement to your sign and see what it gets you. Probably a lot more than pointing fingers would.

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