Thursday, April 1, 2010

about that angry facebook post....

Wow. I was UPSET yesterday. I lashed out at my ex-husband on Facebook like I was in high school or something. The issue we had took me to a place of instant anger, total frustration and stupid tears. But if you know me well, you know that I cry when I am upset or mad. I debated deleting my Facebook post that I was clearly so angry when I wrote but decided not to just because I am still being childish and mad. Here is the issue... I really don't feel that I am over reacting here. But then I am a mom, so let me know your thoughts.
So I am going to set you up for this...
My ex has an anger problem... thus, him being my ex. He has bipolar. He SWINGS from being fine to being massively pissed off in 3.5 seconds. All of this is relevant, trust me. He has a domestic violence charge on his record, (thus being why we are divorced). Ok, so here is the issue...
He called me yesterday and asked me if I would have an issue with him buying our 9 and 14 year old a .22. WHAT????? Guns. You want to buy them their OWN guns?????? I sat there for a second thinking I heard him wrong. Then I somehow NICELY said, Pat, I am going to RESPECTFULLY agree to disagree with you on this one, and I am going to RESPECTFULLY agree to remind you that our divorce papers state that we have to go to mediation if there is a big issue that we both don't agree on. I am also going to Respectfully tell you that I doubt there are very many mediators or judges that would think a nine and fourteen year old need guns, especially if they are not for hunting. If you were taking your 14 year old son hunting my opinion maybe different. Lets just say at that point he flipped his lid. He called me names, he called me closed minded. He informed me that I was teaching my children how to 'lay down and die' instead of teaching them how to stand up and protect themselves. He said the Columbine situation would have never happened had those teachers be able to carry guns at the school. I then said Columbine's issue would have never happened if those kids did not have access to guns. He said if all kids were taught how to use guns and allowed to carry them guns wouldn't be such a big deal. I said PAT, they haven't even gone to a gun safety class, I would think most dads would want to do that first. He then told me that gun safety classes are dumb and can't teach OUR children anything that he couldn't. He also said I was insulting him as a man. At this point I had fire shooting out of my ears and all I said was, "Thats fine Patrick, tell that to the Mediator and maybe they will agree with you" and I hung up the phone. I mean am I over reacting here? I just don't think someone with HIS temper and his record and his anti government kill everyone attitude needs to own a gun let alone have them or use them with his children. I just feel like this is the LAST thing he needs to do or teach my children. He even threw in my face that my dad was a cop and would agree with him. And if Patrick knows anything that pushes my buttons, he knows to use my dad. The MOST honorable, good, kind man I know. AND FYI Pat my dad thinks kids having guns is a BIG NO NO. WHEW. I feel better now. Comment if you feel either way... I would really like to know your thoughts.

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  1. OH MY gosh!!!! You stick you feel!!! GUNS are dangerious and kids do not need them!! Sorry I don't know your ex but he souinds like a IDIOT!

    I hate guns and every thing about them. I actually had a dream, more like nightmare last night that I was in the bathroom with my son and some one broke in my house, the guy tried to get in the bathroom door on one side while I was pushing it shu on the other.. He stuck his gun in a tried shooting me.. then I got out of the bathroom and ran and he was still shooting at me.. It was a horible dream and felt so real!

    Again I hate guns!!! SO stay strong and with your ex desling with his sickness I don't think that he would be allowed to own a gun or buy one for that matter!!