Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Where I want to be.

I see a field of wheat. I am standing in it. It is warm. It is sunny. There is a breeze blowing on my face... I am taking deep breaths, My hands raise with open palms to the sky, thanking God for this day. I can hear my kids laughing in the background. I catch my husbands glance from across the field followed by his smile. I smile back and life is good. The yellow tint from the sun hitting the wheat is making the field look soft and blurry. All is good. God and my family. All. IS. GOOD.

In what life right? What would be normal would most likely be:

I see my front room. I am standing in it. There is no fresh air. I can't breath. My hands fall to the ground as I land on my knees from tripping over the toys that the kids did not pick up. I can hear my kids arguing with each other in the background. I hear my husband yell from across the house, " STOP FIGHTING!" The laundry is needing to be done, the phone is ringing, I have 46 emails I need to reply to. The stack of bills is UNREAL at the moment. The doctor called and the test needs to be redone. My sons lunch box is on the counter and he is already at school. My daughters soccer practice is tonight at 5:30 and I work until 6. I realize I am wearing one black and one blue sock as I go to put on shoes that so don't match my outfit. My toddlers breakfast falls to the floor from his highchair and before I can yell NO the dog has gobbled it all up. Just then the toilet overflows....................

What I just realized... there is only ONE real difference between these two days. Thanking God for my day. I think this one simple thing will make or break our day. It changes our focus. It changes our outcome. It changes the way our day looks and feels in general. Try it. I am amazed at the outcome :)

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