Monday, February 8, 2010

Sick of Sick and Loving my husband while on this coaster.

My children have been sick. My daycare kids have been sick. My husband has been sick. My best friend has been sick. My daycare parents have been sick. My daycare grandparents have been sick. Notes have come home from my kids school that kids are sick sick sick. Everyone I know with children have been posting that they are ready for summer so their kids will stop being sick. A week ago Mark was put on meds for an ear infection and RSV (again). Friday night at Children's Hospital Jaidyn was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and an ear infection and put on an antibiotic (that cost us 180.00 because this type of antibiotic was not covered by our insurance and she is allergic to most). And she couldn't hold it down (regardless of eating with it, before it or after it). So the Doctor changed her antibiotic. So basically I get to dump 8 days of antibiotics (180 dollars) down the toilet literally. Anyway somehow through all of this I did not get sick. Until today. My head is pounding, my ears hurt my nose is running and my glands feel like they are the size of potatoes. It sucks to be a mom when you are sick, because all of you mama's know the job does not stop, but add daycare to that. I am dreading my day tomorrow. We ate leftovers tonight and went to bed. I had the entire family even the teens in bed by 7:30. Well the teens were not in bed but in their rooms. They all were so good! I took some pain killers that were left over from my gallbladder attack because my head hurt so bad. I could barley keep my eyes open but my mind starts racing when I laid down. That is what percocet does to me. It makes me wired but tired. How is that even possible? Last night was classic. I wake up to my husband jumping out of bed and go running. I run after him having NO idea what is going on. Apparently he heard Jaidyn throwing up. So he gets her in the tub and cleaned up and I am doing bed duty cleaning the floor and the "trail" to the bathroom that was left just like a bread trail to get back home. Mark heard the noise and woke up soon after. His new thing is if he gets really upset he will throw up from crying. Well I was mid puke session and Steve was showering Jaidyn. I told him hold on Mark, mommy is almost done, when I heard him puke all over too. UNREAL! I stuck him in the tub with Jaidyn changed the crib sheets, it was all in the rails and landed in the box of blocks that was next to his bed. At this point I just started crying. Five months. I have been dealing with (Mark mostly) my kids being sick for five months. My house is clean. We wash our hands. My daycare kids/families are clean and healthy generally. My kids go to a small school so there are WAY less kiddos and germs then there would be at a huge public school. I don't allow sick kids to come to daycare. Kids who get sick at daycare go home. I. DON'T. GET. IT. So the tears came. My poor husband at this point is dealing with two kids in the tub, the smell of sour milk floating through the steamy bathroom, sheets rolled up in the hallway needing to be taken down stairs, the very simple fact that it is 2 in the morning and now that his wife is crying. Funny thing is this same thing happened a few weeks ago. Mark was throwing up from being sick and I just came to tears in the middle of the night when trying to deal with it. He just stood up from kneeling at the tub and hugged me. I remember saying to my hubby "Look at them (meaning my kids), why are they sick all the time? I am sick of sick kids." I added up what we have spent since December on medicine and doctors and and it is 924 dollars. And that does not count the 468 we payed for Dec. Jan. and Feb. just to have the insurance. So I just have to say something about my husband. I love him so much. But I especially love him at two in the morning when he can somehow manage to keep it together while his kids are sick and his wife is emotionally unstable. He loves me so much. He has accepted and understands the fact that I can NOT function at 2 in the morning. I can't. I act like a twelve year old child. I cry. I can't process things. I just can't problem solve and master parenting when my sleep is interrupted. I love that he accepts that. I love that he understands that. I love that we are able to pick up where the other struggles. It was however a little reassuring that today I woke up sick which could have been "PART" of my problem in the middle of the night. So if you read this honey, Thank you and I love you and I appreciate you and I need you, and I adore you and I am blessed to be married to you. And you are an amazing husband and father, (especially at 2 in the morning).

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