Tuesday, February 23, 2010

McNeal household update...

Life is good. Mark has been healthy for about two weeks now, and that is HUGE. I love when we get LONG breaks in him being sick. He gets to be a "real boy", (if that makes sense). He can run and not feel wiped out, He can laugh really hard w/o coughing, he can tackle dad and have the energy to keep playing. I LOVE IT!!! And his eyes, they light up and don't have that "sick" look. But the best is his "I'm feeling well smile". I love it. Two weeks! I know that doesn't seem very long but it really is! As for Jaidyn she is doing well also. She has started Preschool and is LOVING it. She comes home talking about bible stories and what she has learned for the day. It is so cute. It is nice to to have a break at nap time. I hope that doesn't sound selfish but the days she goes to preschool my ENIRE daycare naps and I have two hours to myself, where as before she would have been up. I mean don't get me wrong, I loved my one on one time with her while all the other kids were sleeping, but I was MISSING time for me. Time to read or organize. So I feel selfish in saying it but not selfish in doing it. I have two hours to myself a couple of days a week now. YEAH!!! Maddie is doing well to. School is starting to become a little harder for her. She has been my straight A student forever and all of the sudden FREAKED out when we have a B in math. I just think fourth grade math has started to "catch up" to her. She is doing really well still and school is easy for her. She had her last soccer game and dinner last night. She loves soccer. She is really good at it! Next on the list is Connor. He is doing well, starting to get a teen attitude every now and then but for the most parts holds being respectful in place. He is a bit overwhelmed in school right now being that his school is a VERY demanding school, but he does really well if he stays on top of things, which we (honestly) have to work at sometimes. He is looking forward to baseball which starts very soon! Kali is doing well too. She has been staying with her mom during the week and us with the weekend. She wanted to attend school this year with her mom. Her grades are not what they were when she lived here with us but I don't think that is just Kali. I helped Kali and her learning disabilities A LOT. I don't think you realize how much you were doing for a child or how much tutoring was helping and all the extra help and programs from teachers until you take it away. Kali wanted to go to school out at her moms house. It is a smaller school and I explained to Kali that that doesn't mean it would be easier. I assumed it would be a mistake so we did put in the court arrangement that if her grades fell the next school year she would come back. BUT we gave Kali the benefit of the doubt. She is 14, and is old enough to have a say about where she wants to be and what Kali wants is important to us, we just teach that schooling and your education comes first. I hope she ends on a good note. She is struggling. But her mom is very busy working, going to school and having two young children in addition to kali and she is now having marriage issues. I pray a lot for Kali's mom. I want all to work out for the sake of Kali, and I don't want to be the bad guy. Morgan is doing really well. She has been looking for a job and getting a bit discouraged that she can't find one. I keep telling her there are adults that have college under their belts and can't find work... it is just a really bad economy right now. She is being respectful (GASP) and offering to take her siblings places to spend time with them (????) I wonder what took over in her brain LOL. I am just hoping that 16 is the wind down from the insanity I dealt with from 12 to 15. I am excited to get along with her :) My hubby Steve is doing well. His work is s.l.o.w.l.y. picking up. s l o w l y. But it is picking up (Thank you JESUS)! Our finances will love the work coming in a bit quicker but somehow with FIVE months of now work, we managed to stay above water BARLY. As for me, I am good. I am dealing with really, (REALLY) bad headaches. I have some major Dr. appts coming up that I am hoping will help "find" the issue. I am looking forward to NO HEADACHES FOR ME! So there you have it. The McNeal family update. We are all doing well!

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