Thursday, January 14, 2010

That green stuff that doesn't seem to be growing on my tree out back...

Money. sucks. Money helps. Money saves lives and causes lives to end. Your lifestyle is based on money. Your health is based on money. Your child's education sometimes comes down to money. The diet you choose comes down to money. Your job decisions come down to money. This is not news to any of us. So why is the subject of money so dreaded? Money makes people get married. Money causes people to get divorced. Money makes and breaks relationships. Money makes the world go round.

Where am I going with this, (I know, I know I tend to blab)?

I have been licensed for eleven years and I am raising my rates. I don't want to affect (break) relationships with my daycare parents. I think of them as friends. I have fallen in love with their children. BUT... My husband is out of work... we are behind in EVERYTHING and my rates are lower than low right now to what is being charged for daycare. HOWEVER, I have been the mom (and yes single mom) before. I know how expensive daycare is. I understand that 20 dollars a week more is 100 a month. I get it. HOWEVER I do understand that 160 a week for 50+ hours of care works out to be$3.20 an hour. And most of my daycare kiddo's are here longer than that. 165 would be my new rate. My current rate is 150. The average rate is 175 here in Colorado and is 210 for newborns a week, for a licensed provider. I think 165 across the board (any age newborn or not) is fair. I also (not bragging) have heard that my house is cleaner, (due to me being a tad OCD) and the kids have fun. I mean, would you put your child in a dirty center where they are miserable to save 15 a week? I just think the most important bill I paid after my rent/mortgage was my daycare provider. I am not saying that because I am a provider, I am saying that because THEY ARE WATCHING MY CHILD(REN)!!! Clean homes are healthy homes, saving medical expenses. I just don't want for a second to irritate anyone. I love my daycare parents. I don't want to seem greedy. I have not raised my rates in a VERY long time! And the economy sucks... my daycare parents are hurting too. I need to just pray about it and give it to God. So like I said in the beginning, MONEY SUCKS.

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