Friday, January 1, 2010

Little bits of info. No real meaning just subject jumping.

This is just a crazy post. I am all over the place. I feel like a 6 year old boy with ADD, so my mind is kind of flying all around jumping from subject to subject. LOL. Sorry. I am just bored and feel like blogging about random things, but am tired, which is my focusing problem from lack of sleep from Mark being sick.

Which brings me to the fact that Mark is sick again. Does this surprise anyone? Mark is ALWAYS sick. He has a bad cough, runny nose, has no voice, and has a fever of 103. I am so tired of this. I wish I could be sick for him. My doctor looked back into Marks records, and he has been on an antibiotic (if not more than one) every single month since he has been born except for three of those months. He is only 21 months old. Keep the little guy in your prayers.

We didn't go out for New Years. We stayed home and did nothing. It was kind of nice. I couldn't have gone out with Mark being sick anyway. I didn't have daycare today because of the holiday, and it has messed with my head all day. I have thought it was Saturday all day.

So my dog had a whole piece of chicken today. A frozen one. I am stressing about it. He didn't eat it because I caught him with it, but I am very curious of how this chicken breast got into my back yard. I hope my ***HOLE neighbor isn't trying to kill my dog. Why else would there be a HUGE piece of chicken in my back yard. Our trash cans are kept in the front yard... OHHHH and we haven't had chicken. So the only other thing I could think of is the fox. Every now and then we have a fox in our yard and maybe, just maybe a fox got it out of someone's trash and carried it into my yard. Maybe. I just think it is weird that the fox didn't eat it. Then I thought maybe the neighbor is trying to feed the fox so the fox likes my yard so the fox will eat my dog. I think I am thinking to much about this, but chicken bones can kill a dog. So that is why I am stressing. I am so glad I found the chicken BEFORE my dog ate it. My dog was actually trying to hide it. So I have to keep a CLOSER eye on my dog than I already do now, and watch my neighbor too.

My grandma seemed ok today. She did her laundry and talked to me twice on the phone. She really does have her good days and her bad days. I need to get over there more. I feel like I am over there a lot, but I have the feeling that if and when something happens to her I would be wishing I would have been there more.

Well, I can tell how much I am just rambling and jumping from subject to subject so for YOUR benefit I am going to stop blogging and go to bed now... you have a good night my dear blog reader.

I hope 2010 brings you and your family and friends peace, happiness and memories. God Bless all of you!!!

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