Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stinky Boxers :@ (

I wonder how many people "put on an act"??? Are we all the same when our door closes and it is just "us" or "our families"? I know I am not. I am being brutally honest. But I am 34 and realized tonight I have NOT been honest with myself at all. It makes me think of that commercial where the girl calls the guy and asks if he wants to watch a movie and she hints to watching it at his place. He agrees and she is on her way over. He is running about house shoving stuff in closets and fixing the pillows and just crazy cleaning. When the girl gets there and comes in the closet door opens and all the stuff falls out. LOL. Who doesn't do that? THAT COMMERCIAL WOULD NOT BE FUNNY IF WE ALL DIDN'T DO THAT. I mean, my house is clean, because of my OCD but my laundry... OMGosh. IT IS BAD. For example. My girlfriend wanted a picture of my bedroom set, I PURPOSELY pulled my laundry out of the way and into the hallway to get that "pretty bedroom picture". Really? Does she not have a hamper full of dirty underwear and her hubby's farted in boxers? PLEASE... who are we trying to impress? These people are our friends. Another one of my girlfriends made me smile one night.... (SORRY KRISTEN I AM USING YOU HERE).... She said to me, "Cindy, your house is always so clean and organized and just put in place I have always wondered with six kids how you do it BUT tonight I was in your bathroom and realized you are NOT perfect like I thought, you are out of toilet paper." To this day that cracks me up. Maybe it sounds dumb but I laugh every time. I guess you had to be there. This "fluff the bathroom hand towels" attitude is learned. ( I know Jen, I need hand towels), but you get the point right? I have leaned it isn't only in our social lives that this "fakeness" comes out. Does it come out in our marriages? Our relationships with other professionals at work or your kids school? Our families? I think it does. When you come home from work and do your "NORM" would your "NORM" be different if someone was sitting on the couch watching you? You would have NEVER, EVER sang into that hairbrush ladies when you were 14 looking in the mirror had the bathroom door not been able to lock and if someone had been watching. AND YOU KNOW YOU DID THAT... AND GUYS... you flexed your biceps and pretended that Jenny Johnson, the cutest girl in school had noticed them... come on.... don't act like it never happened. LOL.. I just think we have started (I don't know when) to worry to much about what other people think and not enough about this is just life and it is WAY to short to worry about the laundry being in the picture. I'm gonna work on it.... So I am going to take pictures of dirty laundry... with my hubby's farted in boxers on top, because us ladies "don't pass gas"... do we LORI? AHEM. :)

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