Friday, January 15, 2010

being there for other mommy's

Being a mom is everything. It is amazing, it is hard, it is rewarding, it is stressful, it is surreal, it is watching your almost two year old pick up a potato masher and run after your five year old to hit her with it, please hold.... MARK NO!!!!!! Mark NO HITTING!!!! Being a mom is being an ice-pack and a boo boo fixer. Being a mom is the easiest thing, it comes so naturally and being a mom is the hardest thing I have ever done. I think being a mom to a toddler is way easier than being a mom to a teenager. But that could just be my opinion. But when all of you young baby makers catch up to me and have teenagers you just let me know if you agree! :)

However I am just writing this post to make this one comment:

Being a mom is so hard when your child is sick and you are absolutely helpless at fixing the problem.

But I fall no where on the scale of sick sick kiddos. My heart breaks for those mothers....

Mothers who put all of their faith in God and the doctors and had an amazing out come like Jennifer.

Some mothers who continue to fight the battle of trusting others and God to make your child better but are well aware of what you can lose like Patrice

And those mothers who never get to raise their baby because God took the mother home to heaven after giving birth to a beautiful baby, like Liz.

There are thousands but these are a few of the mothers that remind me when I am tucking my kids in at night to say a prayer for all mothers out there... some dealing with some pretty hard things. So much harder than you or I could ever imagine. Keep these moms in mind too when your day is not going well, and you are really stressed and the bills seem to take priortiy in life along with our schedules. We need to be there for other moms that might just need a simple, "I'm here for you if you need me".

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