Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello, its me... if you remember me.....

I wish I could blog daily. I wish I could be one of those SUPER bloggin mama's like Mckmama. You know the moms that have 4-6 kids like me, have a crazy NON STOP life like me, and still manage to find the time to blog about their kids, lives and recipes? I want to do it. I just can't find the time to do it every day. So I figure some is better than none. I didn't even do NOT ME MONDAY this week.
Why do I have time to blog now? Well lets see... it is 3 in the morning and Maddie woke the hubby and I up informing us that Jaidyn was puking. Steve got up to deal with Jaidyn, I started cleaning up the mess, Jaidyn was crying which made the dog start barking, which woke up Mark. My life is amazing. I think Connor, Morgan and Kali would have been up too if they weren't at sleep overs with their friends.
And the problem? Oh the problem was not getting anyone back to bed (other than Jaidyn whom has been up two more times getting sick). The problem is now I am wide awake. Super. TIME FOR BLOGGING has been made. :o)

An update on all of us? Lets see.
Steve: doing good and has found some work!!!! (BIG PLUS).

Myself: stressing about a situation with my grandma. Just keep me in prayer. Maybe I will elaborate more later.

Morgan: went to court for her hitting the principal (I can't remember if I blogged about that or not, I will have to look back) but it went well. She officially hates me and I informed her I wasn't put on this earth to be her friend all the time. I told the Judge that I don't think kids are made to be responsible for their actions, because mom and dad whip out their checkbooks and I said frankly your Honor, I am sick of whipping out my check book for this one, (as I pointed to Morgan). I continued, "If it would be possible your Honor, if she has any fines or fees today that you put them on her. Make her pay them or her do community service" The Judge looked at Morgan and said, "you have a very smart mama" (INSERT STARS HERE FOR ME AND A COUPLE OF SMILEY FACES), he continued "Most parents don't speak up they just stand next to their child and blow off their kids issues. I am very impressed with your mom", (INSERT STARS AND SMILES AGAIN HERE). Again, he continued, "It looks like you have TWO fines of 78 dollars each, one I will allow you to pay 10 dollars on a month for the next eight months and the other 78 dollar fine I will turn into 78 hours of community service that has to be finished by Feb. 28th." He said, "Young lady, that doesn't seem like a lot of time, but you have NOTHING BUT TIME. Time for school and time for work. IF I had a lightning bolt and would zap you in the butt to wake you up. I have raised three kids myself, and I know for a fact that from 12 until 23 you think you know it all but you don't. I just hope you are one of the smart kids that don't have to be 23 to figure out that I am right." He then looked at me and said, "Good job mom for speaking up NEXT CASE? "!!!!! (insert BIG stars BRIGHT GOLD ONES HERE! Why Gold you say? Because we have to hear as parents that we are doing it right sometimes I feel. )

Kali: is doing good. We are starting to deal with some sassy teen attitude but that comes with the territory of being a 14 year old girl. But all and all she is doing good.

Connor is turning 14 in a couple of weeks. He is doing great also. Still my little comedian.

Maddie: Made honor roll (again) and has a book beneath her nose each and every time I see her. She loves reading and school and is a good kid!

Jaidyn: Jaidyn is puking. But this you know. She just had a birthday at the beginning of December and turned five. Wow. I can't believe she is five. She was born yesterday it seems. Poor thing. I wish she wasn't sick tonight. OR should I say this morning?

Mark: Mark is doing well. His speech therapy is going well. All though, he still isn't talking much. The therapist doesn't seem worried, because she says he understands anything that you tell him. His comprehension skills are great. She said you worry about the kiddos that can't speak or comprehend. So I am trusting her (and God) that this is just "his normal".

Well I am going to try and go to bed. TRY. I am tired I just don't sleep well after being woke up. Wish me luck! If I don't get on before, Happy New Year! I wish you all a safe and happy one! I hope your Christmas was good too! Ours was great. XOXOXO!

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