Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Merry Christmas Stellan, or Happy Spring??? YOU HAVE TO DO THIS FOR STELLAN!!!! HOW COOL!!!

So for Stellan for Christmas....
OK so here is what we are doing. You need to get me (email me and I will give you my address) a 5x7 scrap CUTE piece of material from an outgrown outfit of your childs or just from a fabric store. I am taking this scrap material and making a quilt for Stellan. With your material, you need to send your childs name (first name only unless you are comfortable with last names) and your state. I am making a quilt and mailing with it a list (in order) to Jennifer stating where each scrap came from and the childs name that took part in praying for Stellan. I want to have this done by Christmas, but need to be reasonable. So I am AIMING for Christmas.... but it may be a spring gift depending on how many pieces we get. We all know Stellan loves ORANGE, (ok ok Jennifer) but I want an ORANGE theme. Any orange. ANY shade. ANY print. Just orange. Please comment me if you want to take part and give me your email or call 303-327-3691 and let me know you want to do this!!! I am so excited. Please please take part!!! I will make it all you have to do is mail me a scrap. I hope SOMEONE is as excited about this as I am. Even if we only send 10 squares. :) OHHH and yes I am making smaller blankets for their other kiddos too... I am the queen of Leaving NO CHILD OUT... so if you want to take part in theirs too, send PINK for small fry (agian any shade or print), Blue for Big Mac, and Red for Mcknugget. :) I can do the other kiddos on my own, your welcome to partake though, but please please have a part in Stellans!!! Thank you so much!!!!

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