Friday, November 13, 2009


Ok so. I can't use names for privacy reasons, but I have this AMAZING daycare kiddo story, (GOSH I LOVE MY JOB). So I have this one little girl, we will call her Amy, (not really her name :) ). So Amy is walking funny. I can't quite figure it out. So I assume she didn't wipe really well after going potty. Amy is 4. So I ask Amy to come into the bathroom with me so I can help her with something. She comes in and I say honey, Let me help you wipe because I think that is why you keep grabbing your bottom and walking funny. So I pull her pants down, and I quickly realize that Amy has her underwear in the back pulled up (OK CRAMMED UP) her cheeks. I giggled to her and said, "No wonder you are walking funny you have a MASSIVE weggie"!!! I pulled the bottom of her underwear out of her crack (sorry for the details) and when I did she got MAD!!! She grabbed them and yanked them back in Weggie form and hollered at me, "I am wearing them like my mommy wears them"!!!! ROFLMAO!!! I thought it was soooo soooo funny, that I had to share!!!

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