Monday, October 12, 2009


This is going to sound weird, BUT is it possible to have a SERIOUS not me Monday? I am not struggling with my marriage right now. I am not struggling with my teenager right now. I am not struggling with OUR finances right now because my husband is certainly NOT out of work. I am NOT frustrated because my youngest child is NOT always sick. He most certainly DOES NOT have RSV right now, or two ear infections either. I certainly WAS NOT glad the Starbucks drive through window was smaller than my butt because the Starbucks worker was a total *(*&^ to me. I certainly did not consider jumping through it and telling her where she could shove a handful of her green straws. AHEM. All I wanted was a coffee to sit quietly in my car and just relax after dealing with all of the above. I most certainly am not praying I don't tick off my followers tonight with my negativity. And I am not hoping that they understand that all wives, mothers and friends just need to vent sometimes. NOPE not me.

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