Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who would have thought...

Who would have thought that blogging was better than going to therapy? Thank you guys for all of your kind words after my last post. I had no idea what I was in for when Morgan became a teenager! Wow! Today was a fairly good day. I did the daycare thing. Dealt with a five month old teething, a 18 month old clinging to my leg (my son) 2 two year olds and 2 three year olds potty training, my daughter Jaidyn talking a mile a minute and two puppies! I wonder why I have a headache. After daycare we went to Olive garden. I wonder why I can't lose weight. After dinner we went to babies R us. I wonder why I spend so much money there. Could it be that I run a daycare AND have an 18 month old? HMM I wonder.
I ordered two new books that I am soooo excited to read. One is called, "Toe To Toe With Your Teenager", and the other is called. "The Busy Mom's Guide to Spiritual Survival". I can't make up my mind which to read first. I need both badly. I think I will combine the books to be one, "The moms guide to Spiritual Survival, so you can stand Toe to Toe with your Teenager" that would have been better! LOL. I hope you guys have an amazing night (most of you are now asleep) and again, I thank you all for your kind words and support! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


  1. Definitely have you in my prayers... have been thinking a lot about you!

  2. Wow, you're too busy to write a blog too! Hope you're doing well. :)