Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I fell off the face of the earth, but someone threw me a rope, so I climbed back up!

I have missed all of you! Away for a month I realized just how much blogging with all of you "added" to my day. My younger kids are doing amazing. My oldest child Morgan, is struggling bad. I wish I could just get her to see that she is the one making her life so hard. I don't remember being this difficult OR disrespectful to my parents, but my mother just laughs.

I feel like I have failed as a mother with her. All of my children are respectful, and respect authority. They are all A and B students. They all come home after school and do their homework. I trust any of them to stay home alone. Except for Morgan. She is ditching school, she keeps running away, she yesterday got a ticket for assault on a school official for hitting her principle several times with a water bottle because he wouldn't let her out of class for her "stomach ache". I am so excited (is this bad) that she will FINALLY be put on probation because of this ticket and someone other than me can have the issue of trying to keep her in school. Sadly I think it was a blessing. She has consumed my life lately. That and my great-grandmother whom is very sick right now.
So I have missed you. All of you. I am kinda down right now, but keeping my chin up and praying a lot!

Also, keep little Mark in your prayers. He is still sick. Just like always. We get a cold and get over it quickly and he gets a cold and it puts him in the hospital. Poor guy, I do think we are at the tail end of it though.

In other news, Jaidyn started soccer. Oh my gosh how cute she was see.... LOOK....

AND we got TWO new puppies... I will so explain that crazy laps on judgement later LOL.... see LOOK....

And last and certainly not important, I found these two REALLY cute picnic tables for my daycare kiddos...

Its good to chat again. I missed you guys sooooo much you have NO idea!!!

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