Monday, July 20, 2009


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. HOWEVER, SHE PUT A LITTLE TWIST ON IT THIS WEEK, AND THIS WEEK YOU WRITE ABOUT WHAT YOU CHILD MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT DO. SO HERE IS WHAT I WROTE:

My daughter did not tell my girlfriend to switch to Qwest and to save up to five hundred dollars (just like the commercial says) so that she would be able to pay to fix her car!!!

My son when he was in kindergarten did not tell Mr. Gonzalez his spanish teacher that because he didn't have a job in the summer, he could go work at the restaurant Jose O'sheas because everyone who worked there looked and talked just like him. (OOOOOHHHHHHH my gosh wanted to be dead at that exact moment).

I did not mention to my husband that I didn't like my child's teacher, (long story as to why... will explain later) well when I said that I didn't realize I had small ears listening. So when I showed up at the school and introduced my daughters teacher to my toddler, she replied, the one you told daddy you don't like? (again, wanted to be dead at that moment).

To anyone who reads this part that is a Mormon, please note, I mean NO disrespect by this next one... it is just something that occurred.

My son wanted to go to church with his best friend, and I knew his friends parents so I said fine. He was gone for like three hours. I thought it was ok, didn't think much about it, anyway when my son got home he was so excited! I asked him if he had fun and he replied, (in total excitement) "YES! I WANT TO GO THERE AGAIN, THEIR CHURCH WAS SO MUCH FUN CAN I GO NEXT WEEK TOO MOM?" I replied honey, do you know religion they are? I should have asked them.... "OH I KNOW MOM THEY ARE A BUNCH OF MORONS!"

The worst hands down though was when my daughter at four saw a VERY heavy set lady. She said, "OH MY GOSH, your baby should have come out of your tummy a LONG time ago! You should go to the doctor and get it out! I just covered her mouth and walked away and was horrified. LOL!

My children, my precious children did not do or say any of the above things! NEVER!

These are just the few NOT MY CHILD moments I could think of... I am soooo excited to read all of yours!

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  1. The Mormon moment was priceless. Out of the mouths of babes...

    My son's favorite song currently is titled Going Out with My Boots On. However, Alex sings it as Going Out with my Boobs On.

    I guess he's trying to make it the next Rodney Carrington single.

    Bumblebees and BugLadies