Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I have been really, really busy. I so did not ignore my blog for almost an entire week. Please, please forgive me my blog friends! I took my kids to the Royal Gorge this weekend and I so did NOT forget to bring tennis shoes, walking across the highest suspension bridge in the world and surrounding wilderness in flip flops. Please check out cool photos.... the one is looking through the cracks in the boards you walk on when crossing the bridge.

I so DID not think for a second that it would really suck be terrible if anyone fell that distance. I did not show how disgusted I was to learn that it costs 26.00 for adults and 17.00 for children to cross this bridge. What a rip off. To view Gods beauty and cross a bridge that was built AGES ago, we are gonna charge you an insane amount of money, just to make you consider jumping while on the bridge. (SO JUST KIDDING). Well I am serious about the price, just not the jumping. I SO DID NOT LIE (guilt, guilt, guilt) and say my daughter Jaidyn was three and not four to save 17 dollars. SERIOUSLY? SHE DID NOT GIVE A CRAP MOMENTS NOTICE to the bridge. All cost irritations aside, it was beautiful, it was fun, and we had a blast!
I so did not spend to much money at Target tonight. None of us EVER do that right? I did not stock up on Pampers NEW nightime diapers becasue I love them and I swear by them (even though I don't swear). I so did not laugh at my girlfriend tripping over a step up this weekend, and dropped my keys. When I picked up my keys and proceded to walk, TRIPPED OVER THE SAME FLIPIN' silly step!!
I SO DID NOT find it amazing and beautiful that a new tree would grow out of a rock. I would have taken this rock home to my back yard if it actually wasn't a boulder. Bummer. It was a BEAUTIFUL BUMMER! It just made me realize standing in the middle of this huge gorge, little me, looking at this ROCK growing a tree, that life is truly unreal. AND YES, I SPENT 26.00 to learn this today, on a bridge in the middle of NO WHERE! (ok I really spent 61.00 with a six dollar off coupon, and lying about Jaidyns age). I did NONE of this this weekend.... NOPE NOT ME!

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