Tuesday, June 30, 2009



Not a good day. So not a good day. Sick baby. Excited four year old ran up the (12) stairs and left the gate open and Mark fell down the (12) stairs. Ran to the doctor, he is ok, I am supposed to watch for vomiting or being unable to wake him. It just really scares me. You hit your head and one minute your ok, and the next you can be dead. Just like Billy Mays. and Richardson, ? I can't think of her first name they both hit their heads and were fine and the next day they were dead. Scary stuff. Poor Jaidyn started bawling her eyes out. She felt so bad. I didn't even have to say anything. She just screamed, Im sorry Markie! Mommy I am sorry I hurt Markie! I left the gate open and I hurt Markie. I told her it was an accident and he would be fine and when I took Mark to the doctor, Steve said Jaidyn fell asleep crying! :( She's not awake yet! I hope Mark is awake and playing and laughing when she wakes up so she can see that he is ok. She loves her little brother. Please pray that he is ok. I am sure he is, he is acting fine, but you always wonder.


  1. Poor little guy... and poor Jaidyn too.

    I just said a prayer for them both. I'm sure they will be happy and back to normal by tomorrow. :)

  2. Aww - poor kiddo! Actually, poor kiddoS! I know it never feels good to accidentally hurt your sibling. I mean, if you meant to, that would be a different matter entirely, right? :)

    Hope both of them are feeling much better soon!

  3. Oh no! I hope he's OK and the other kiddos are over the scare!