Tuesday, June 9, 2009


OK, (wow, a lot of my posts start with OK, I should work on that). AHEM. So my true story this week is to show just how close I came to disowning my child. Please note, that last sentence was not followed by a LOL or a Just Kidding! Ahem (again). My daughter. My lovely 15 year old Morgan, had made plans that involved a two night in a row sleepover. Which if you know us... is pretty uncommon UNLESS I know the parents fairly well. Back to the story. It was a Friday night to a Sunday afternoon thing I agreed that she could do this with her friend Gracie. Well GRACIE told her parents the same thing that it was a three day thing at MY house. Ok ladies, how many of us did this? Ok we have all pulled that one, and that alone I could swallow, but let me tell you what THEY did! They and two other girls (one has a car) decided to go to Arkansas to pick up another friend. ARKANSAS!!! UM HELLO.... I LIVE IN COLORADO. MY FIFTEEN YEAR OLD, did I mention her age? AHEM. So they would have gotten away with this had the driver not been going over the speed limit by 10 mph on the way back. They got pulled over in Kansas. What happened you ask? Believe it or not the one friend I don't know, (the driver) who is over the age of 18, had an unpaid ticket. HMMM all of us RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE know that if you don't pay your tickets, you get a BENCH WARRANT. So what did they do? They arrested her and impounded her car. NICE HU? LEAVING 4 other girls STRANDED in Kansas. The sheriff of this little town gave them vouchers for two nights in the local hotel and 24 dollars each for food until their parents got there, and gave them 4 hours to call their parents or he was going to call us for them. That part I thought was really nice. I guess they could have sent them to foster homes or something. The phone rings at 2:30 in the morning Sat night. "um mom" this little voice said (I didn't freak at first because Morgan has asthma, and we get a lot of 2 am calls from sleepovers because of her allergies and asthma from her friends pets) Her next sentence was, "um don't be mad". The story came out. I was PISSED to say the least!!! The only plus in this story is... Gracie's dad called me moments later saying, "Cindy, Stay in bed, I'm on my way to Kansas to get them, there is no point in us both going." I informed him he had my permission to whack her up side the head (please note my sarcasm). He then said the GPS said he would be there in about 7 hours. I felt so bad. I offered to pay half of his gas, and he replied, that he went and picked up Gracie's grandmothers car because it was an electric car and would use A LOT less gas. Cool. She got home and said, sorry mom. I stuck up my first finger and whispered with my teeth clinched, "Thank you for your apology, and Maybe I'll forgive you but DON'T talk to me right now!" She just said, um ok and walked to her room. She has been VERY, VERY quiet and polite. I think I am freaking her out, because I am a screamer when I am mad, and I have not said anything, and what I have said, I have said to her in a low tone irritated whisper. *SIGH*

Ohhh and if you read my post yesterday, I wrote that Sunday night. I was yelling at the parent I thought was with the girls. Come to find out they were not there, it was their 18 year old daughter driving. That was Morgan's idea of an adult going. So on top of this entire thing, these girls said they were with a parent. That is until Gracie's dad talked to the sheriff to thank him for all he did for the girls yesterday afternoon. The sherif had returned the call that had been placed to him the night before. Informing us of just what happened.


  1. OK .... i have no words .... well maybe one, breathe!

  2. I feel your pain! I have a 15 year old daughter as well, and she pulled a school's out stunt last week.

    Oh how I wish there were a place to lock them up until their common sense kicks in!!