Friday, June 5, 2009

Simple Beauties, Huge Blessings

I was at the gym sitting in the hot tub and just thinking. Thinking about how the simplest things can be overwhelmingly beautiful. The way the waterfall in the hot tub separated the water it landed in causing two different directional flows of bubbling water. I was just caught in a stare. This overwhelming feeling hit me. Ok don't stop following my blog just yet.... wait!

I am sure we all have a moment that we just realized how amazing everything is. How detailed God made life on Earth. Each blade of grass that holds water droplets from the rain. Tiny things that you don't notice as you go TRAMPLING through your wet grass to get to your mailbox. Maybe I am crazy. Maybe I am tired. But I went into the locker room and noticed two women on their cell phones texting. We text every day. Our phones work because we pay the bill right? But if you really take a step back and think, God created us with a brain that has created these little phone things to place calls ANYWHERE in the world. I can talk to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, in a matter of MOMENTS just by pushing a couple of buttons. The one that REALLY made me think was this, (I hope I don't sound crazy)

The idea that I was created. It amazes me. If your parents didn't meet. Your not here. If your parents we not together the night you were made, you wouldn't be here. I believe that God created us. Each and everyone of us. I believe he knew of us before we were anything. I was in his plan. My birth, My struggles, My children (his children), My sicknesses, My goals, My tears, My laughter it is all written in his little book titled Cindy McNeal. It amazes me that my book is written from chapter one until forever. Remember there is life in heaven forever after life on earth. So suck in all of life's beauties while your here. Because I think they prepare us for the FAR MORE beautiful things in Heaven. Things we can not even imagine. Nothing like we have ever seen.

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