Monday, June 1, 2009

Siblings, gotta love em!

I messed up, but I know you all are going to understanding. The post I posted last night was supposed to be saved for today's true story Tuesday, so when you see the date as yesterday, that is why... I messed up. But you guys are all going to be kind, loving and understanding! So here is my True Story Tuesday, (typed on Monday and posted in error on Monday). Thank you for your understanding.
*******************TRUE STORY TUESDAY**********************

Ok I am just gonna come out and say this. But my eight (almost nine) year old Maddie is my reader / eager to learn / study hard / know all weird stuff child. She was mad (clearly) at her brother. I asked her what was wrong. She said she was mad at Connor. When I asked her why she said, "He called me a dork sniffer". I kinda giggled, (which REALLY ticked her off) and she yelled "MOM ITS NOT FUNNY! DO YOU KNOW WHAT A DORK IS?" I replied, "what all siblings call their other siblings????" She yelled "NO A DORK IS A WHALES PENIS MOM! HE CALLED ME A WHALES PENIS SNIFFER!! I HATE HIM!!!"

I really really really ticked her off because I busted out laughing. HOW COULD YOU NOT????? OH MY! My children crack me up at times. So I asked Connor did you call your sister a dork sniffer? He smiled and giggled yes and I won't do it again mom sorry. He started laughing and started walking to his room. I yelled, "CONNOR DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT IS?" HE just giggled this big brother annoying giggle and said, "no mom do you?" He looked out his bedroom door with that grin of his. DONT CALL HER THAT AGAIN DO YOU HEAR ME? From her room from behind a closed door from beneath tears and anger she yelled, I DON"T SMELL PENIS'! I had at that point to turn around and walk up stairs. I really need to google that.... I wonder if it is true?


  1. oooo the Dork comment ... ::sigh:: yes, she's right lol

  2. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! That would have been impossible for me to not lose it at that moment! Totally hilarious - I cannot imagine trying to keep a straight face and dispense discipline if my kids were using that language, ha ha.

    Oh my... things are never boring with kids, right?!?!

    Thanks for sharing this hilarious story!