Friday, June 5, 2009

Show us where you live Friday... our room

We just got our new bedroom set from American Furnature. I LOVE it! HOWEVER we have an older brick home and the bedrooms are smaller, but I loved, loved loved this house. The bedroom set didn't look as big in the showroom LOL! Actually it fits quite well, I think the pictures make it look bigger than it actually is. Here we go...

It is so frustrating to me that our walls look white in these pictures because they are not! This room had this HORRIBLE green carpet. The rest of our house is hardwood. I asked the homeowners we bought the house from if there was hardwood under the carpet and they said in part of the room but when they remolded it left part of the room with no hardwood and they couldn't match the existing, and they couldn't afford to re hard wood the entire floor so they carpeted. Some day, when I have extra time and money, (AHEM) we will get rid of it! BUT until then we will make due.... but it looked horrible with white walls, but I couldn't find a color I liked to go with the UGLY green (no offense to anyone who's carpet is this color and it is their favorite). So I painted it a pale green/blue sea foam color (WHICH I HATE TOO), but I figured for now, it will work, one thing at a time. I decorated my kids rooms first, that was most important to me!

^ There is the difference but the green still doesn't look right. This is the difference between the white ceiling and the green walls. They do match the carpet, these pictures just don't show it right! OH WELL.... MOVING ON...

^That is the UGLY green carpet :(~

I made these letters for our names (Steve and Cindy) all by myself! It was so easy and they turned out so cute. I just went on our typing program (Microsoft Works) and typed a font that I liked in a huge size. Where one letter took up an entire piece of printer paper 8.5X11. Then I checked Bold, and printed them out. I then cut them out around the edges of the letters (YES THIS TOOK FOREVER) but I glued them down on a pin board and framed them in shadow boxes! I love them and I get so many compliments on them. Everyone wants to know where I got them so they can go get them too. EASY, EASY, EASY (and cheap I might add).

So there you have it. our room. So very exciting for you I am sure! (NOT-O-LA)

*NOT O LA is "MY" word, I use it instead of NOT and my kids hate it! LOL.

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