Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Once Upon a Time....

There was a little girl named Jaidyn. When her mom said,"I want to take a picture of the faboulous job you did doing your hair, that you did all by yourself!" The little girl screamed, "NO!" and started to run away.

Then the little girl kept moving all about so that NONE of the mothers pictures took.

The little girl did not like her picture being taken, and frankly was sick of it.

So the mom said, "just listen to me and we will make a deal." The little girl said, "ok but Im not looking into the camera until I hear the deal."

"Ok," the mom said. "If you will just give me ONE smile, I will put the camera away".

The end. Oh yeah, the mom snapped one picture when the little girl had dropped her arms thinking the mom had walked away!

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