Wednesday, June 10, 2009

OH MY GOODNESS... GRUMPINESS herself smiles!!! (and it's caught on tape)

And spent time with her little sister tonight? What has happened to my daughter? Now if I can get her to realize how much better she would look without those THINGS in her lips. Yeah her dad (my ex) took her and let her do that. AHEM. When she was living with him, because I had to many rules and was mean and wouldn't let her express herself. *sigh* but I guess I can deal with those if every other department is doing well. Grades, Respect, NOT GOING TO ARKANSAS!!! I guess we have to learn to meet our teens in the middle sometimes. HOWEVER I HAD NO PART IN THAT. I wish she would see how beautiful she is without all her black eye makeup on. She got out of the shower tonight and was talking and laughing and smiling with Jaidyn. I see her good heart through this teen attitude sometimes. She is so kind and loving when she wants to be. I miss her smile, it is so rare to see it and that breaks my heart. My mom continues to tell me its a phase. I hate this phase. Mom if you read this, I am so, so sorry for what I put you and dad through. I love you. I hope Morgan loves me as much as I love both of you (and her).


  1. She's a beautiful young lady!

    Keep loving her, keep strong, keep the structure, she'll thank you later!

  2. She IS beautiful! I think she would look more beautiful without the piercings too but oddly enough piercings do not bother me too much.

    Good luck with the teen years. I am definitely already dreading those years with my daughter especially!

  3. I would have to agree with you on the piercings.. im 28 and I think they are tacky..Now Belly rings?? Had one but had to take it out due to pregnancy.. but i dont like face rings..AT ALL.. your daughter is pretty and would look even better if she took them out.. And im surprised she has them? how old is she? 15? LOL..