Monday, June 22, 2009


I did not freak out to learn my husband used my jar of Burts bees cuticle cream and smear it on my daughters lips thinking it was chap stick. After which she started freaking out because it was burning. When she was freaking out he said, "ALL I DID WAS PUT THIS STUFF ON, her LIPS WERE REALLY CHAPPED." I informed him that was cuticle cream AND it was lime scent which would not feel good on your lips. I then told him to read his labels and that ticked him off. Sorry baby. Today it is quite funny but not so funny when you have a little one with REALLY bad chapped lips SCREAMING because her lips are on fire!
I did not allow Jaidyn my four year old to walk Mark up and down our sidewalk (just in front of our house) in his stroller and then act surprised when his stroller tipped and he bonked his head on the sidewalk. Jaidyn told me he should use a helmet to be on the sidewalk like she has to. Please note, she uses a helmet on the sidewalk because she is only on the sidewalk when riding her bike or scooter.
I did not pretend to be asleep Sat night when my hubby "was not" if you get the point. I feel REALLY bad about this. I just honestly was "to tired", and didn't want to tell him no. I DO NOT feel really bad about this.
I did not wake up to late for a shower and just decided to wash my hair in the sink this morning.
I did not shut and lock the door to my toddlers bedroom for our party yesterday because it was a bomb and I didn't want anyone to see it, because I didn't have time to clean it.
I did not go in my room and shut the door and fall asleep Saturday afternoon leaving all the kids running wild with my husband. He knew I was tired though.
I DID NOT play hangman on our class packet with my girlfriend and text my husband back and forth while in our daycare class Saturday. This class was terrible!!! I LOVE the classes this company offers, but this one was stupid and a WAIST of time and money. I am NOT VERY, VERY disappointed! NOT TO MENTION IT WAS 5 hours long!!!
I did not rip my kitchen phone out of the wall when my teenager was telling her friend how much she hates me. After which I did not tell her, "NOW YOU HAVE NO HOME PHONE TO USE EITHER". (I took her cell phone away a few days ago for crappy teen behavior too). I continued to tell her," I am sorry you hate me. When you learn to be respectful you will get privileges such as phones. Its not that hard. If you hate me fine. If you want to tell your friends you hate me fine. Just don't do it in front of me or your lose your privileges." Raising her is the hardest thing I have EVER done. NONE of my friends have teenage girls, so I am so frustrated in how to deal with her. I just TRY, and PRAY. Ripping the phone from the wall was probably not the best way to act, (you think) but I have resorted to EXTREME measures. (????)
I did not get emotional looking at my dad yesterday for Father's Day. He loved us all so much (and still does). I didn't realize all the stress we put him through raising us, until I have been dealing with Morgan.
I did not tell my son Connor (who is in California) that sharks eat at dusk, when he told me he was going surfing last night with his friend and his friends dad at about 6:00. He said, "GREAT MOM! WHY WOULD YOU TELL ME THAT?" because I love you and hate the fact that I have NO CONTROL over your safety right now being that I am a control freak because I love you and just want you to be careful, and I am being very honest with you, because these things you don't know because you don't live there. I do want you to have fun just be careful and don't pee in the water, because that attracts sharks. "MOM!!!" he said in horror. LOL! I love you Connor, have fun! and I am serious about the pee!

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