Monday, June 15, 2009


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
****I know you are susposed to blog your embarrasing moments when you didn't want people to know you are really doing something (like wearing swim suit bottoms as underwear MCKMAMA) but I didn't have any of those this week so I changed it up just a bit! Sorry guys****
I did not stress out about HAVING to go to the cabin. I felt like I had WAY to much to do here to tackel the cabin thing THIS weekend. But we went.
I did not feel completly saddend to see that almost all of the pine trees are dead from the pine beetles. Each year it has been more and more and this year the ENTIRE mountain the cabin is on, the trees are gone.... look---->

all the orange and brown, are dead!

it is MASSIVE!

Up close this is what all the trees look like.

I did not finnanally get some good pictures of Kali. Everytime you get out a camera, Kali is gone and nowhere to be found!
Granted these are with her little sister Jaidyn, but Jaidyn was sitting on Kali's lap so she couldn't get up and run!

My husband DID NOT have to fix the golf cart at the cabin due to a gas leak.

My husband did not take a picture of me that I do not like, that he thinks is good:

I did not not do laundry last weeek, and then went out of town this weekend, leaving massive amounts of laundry to be done, and I am NOT feeling stressed out or overwhelmed about it.
I did not come home to find that massive rain, hail and tornadoes were part of our weather during the weekend that we were gone. I most certainly did not come home to my flowers distroyed from hail. Flowers that I did not JUST buy.
I did not stress right along with my dad when my wild, crazy and young brother borrowed my dads NICE, NICE big dodge truck and my brother got stuck in a hail storm. If you know my dad, and his truck, you would know why I did not stress about this. AHEM.
I did not turn off my daughters cell phone last night because she called me a "B"! I love AT&T smart limits by the way!!! OH Wait! I do NOT love smart limits by AT&T!
I did not listen to her whine and complain, UNTIL that is I warned, continue what you are doing, and I will not turn it back on for a month! I did not hand her the home phone (land line cordless) and tell her to have a blast.
I did not over sleep this morning!
and last but not least, I did not get any pictures from up at the cabin for you guys to see!

Wow, that is a lot I guess. It was a crazy weekend!

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  1. what a great retreat! can i come visit? =) your husband is right, it's a wonderful picture of you.