Monday, June 1, 2009


Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

June 1, 2009

So this last week has been a tough week for me.... I need to act a little better, a little nicer, and maybe be a little more patient, I don't know quite what my problem is.

I did not ignore my daughters calls to me when she was complaining to me that she needed a new phone after getting mad and breaking hers. I had no sympathy. Phones are expensive, I have replaced two. If she has to work to learn how much money it takes then maybe her lesson will be learned.

I did not raise my voice to my husband last night. We made a promise to each other to never raise our voices to each other unless the house was on fire, and we made it five years before that happend yesterday. I am still upset, you should read my last post and let me know what you think, or what you would do.

I did not buy a gym membership yesterday to a REALLY cool family gym without my husband being there. (I was still mad at him). He knew I was going but didn't know I was going to sign the dotted line. But I really feel like 160.00 dollars a month for a family of eight to belong to a gym where you can swim (all of you) they have rock climbing walls, daycare that is included in your rate to go as many times as you want). There are climbing tunnels and I mac computers and arts and crafts daily for my four and nine year old. I just think it was well worth the money. I would NEVER have signed with out him, although Lifetime fitness had no redg fee if you signed up in May. I didn't know this until last night when I went to look at the club at 7pm on MAY 31st. So, it should be understood, ( I hope) also If you read my post from last night (ok this morning) you will know why it is the NEXT day and my husband still does not know about it.... (HMMMM his fault).

I did not type a post a four in the morning. Enough said.

I did not not take a shower this morning because I passed out at 5:45 this morning EXHAUSTED from being up all night, and then missed my alarm clock and woke up to daycare parents knocking at my door!

I did not pick up my son from one friends house and take him to another friends house because I was so stressed out last night. We never let the kids do sleepovers two nights in a row. Just "our" rule.

Sorry guys, it is NOT a very interesting post this week, I just had a bummy week. BUT I did not do any of the above mentioned things, NOPE NOT ME!


  1. Sounds like a hard week.
    I understand signing up for the gym w/o hubby being there. Sometimes a mama just has to make that decision.
    Why do daycare parents always have to show up on time and knock on the door when we have had a long night? They don't call us or tell us when they are sleeping in because of their long why do we have to get up after one of ours? I know..I like to eat too.
    LOL about the 2 sleep overs. I am the same way. I want to see my kid and make sure everything is good with them before sending them off again. Sometimes rules are meant to be bent..
    Hopefully this coming week is much better for you..

  2. Hi Cindy - thanks for the visit & comment..I am now following you and added your cute blog to my for the situation with your hubby...I faced something similar with my husband "Hunter" who did not hunt & kill poor defenseless animals when we married 13 years ago. He's now Elmer Fudd. I've tried to make deals with him, i.e. "I'll tolerate you going hunting every Saturday for most of the winter if you the kids 1 night a week so I can go to kickboxing class/get my eyebrows waxed/hang out with a girlfriend, sit and stare at the wall, etc, whatever."

    Not sure if you can adapt this to suit your needs, but as a MILP (mom in the legal profession), I negotiate, negotiate!

    Also, maybe cut him a little slack (or give him some rope to hang himself) with the outside influences you mentioned? See how it goes and if he conducts himeself appropriately, great. You trusted him and it worked out. If not, you have more ammo in your corner to make your points (which I think are quite valid, btw!) Good luck.

  3. Sorry for a rough week... it's tough to have all those things happen in such a short time!

    And it is sure a struggle to balance the "before we were married" thing with being a parent and spouse sometimes.

    My husband is an avid hunter (as above) and has made a lot of concessions to not hunt EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND as he did before - I think it's hard to find a compromise, but at least I think he tries hard to understand where I'm coming from.

    Praying for clarity for both of you in this situation - hang in there.

    Thanks for the comment on our blog... yes, they call it a "Book Cyst" or a "Bible Cyst"... cuz they used to smash them with Bibles or hymnals. The doc at my office said "bet me a big 'ole Catholic Bible for this one!"

    And it hurts like the dickens (I've smashed it twice already) and they say surgery is the only option left. Apparently it will just continue to come back unless the "sac" is removed. UGH!

    Glad yours is gone!

  4. Thanks for stopping by! Cute blog...I'll be adding it to my reader. :)