Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Connor, Going to Cali

I have decided to let Connor go to California. He leaves Friday. It was a hard decision, but he is a good kiddo! He is going out there for three weeks with his best friend, to see his best friends dad. Normally I don't think I would have let him go so easily, however his best friend is moving out there for good. They have been best friends since second grade. I am so bummed out for him. He does have a lot of other friends too, but this is "that one" friend that you ALWAYS hang out with. So for those of you that keep asking if I decided to let him go, yes, yes I did, and he leaves in two days... boooo hoooo hoooo!!!

1 comment:

  1. I feel you! Want me to check up on Connor while he is in CA for you?

    I think I am letting my 13 year old daughter, Princess, go to NY with my mom for three weeks in August. They will be going to my grandmas house, my mom's mom. I'm sure Princess will be ok. I am worried about her being bored in a house of old folks, and/or her attitude rearing its ugly head. I keep thinking it will be a wonderful trip for her, and create a lot of memories though.
    She is still my baby though and I don't want to let her go clear across the country for 3 weeks w/o me!