Wednesday, June 24, 2009


To start this post, I would just like to say, thank you to MCKMAMA I fell in love with baby legs because of her. My husband (AHEM) would also like to Thank Mckmama for introducing TIGHTS to his son. LOL! This is our (my husband and I's) new argument. I love baby legs, (for boys or girls) and my hubby hates them.... he thinks they are ok for GIRLS because they look like tights. So I told him we would hold a vote. COME ON LADIES! HELP ME OUT HERE! Are baby legs for girls, boys or BOTH??? PLEASE NOTE: I bought several pair of baby legs. Some with frogs, cars, and skeletons. I DID NOT BUY my son flowers or butterflies, I mean come on, what kind of a mother does my hubby think I am? So cast your vote. If I win he said Mark could keep wearing them..... IF he wins, I will send Marks three or four pair of baby legs to Stellan.

NOTE TO MCKMAMA: YOU BETTER VOTE IN MY FAVOR, because this argument is YOUR FAULT LOL!!! PLEASE don't vote in my husbands favor just because you want my sons CUTE baby legs! LOL! I will still send Stellan some either way LOL!!!!
I love them because of you!!!!



  1. BOTH!!! both my kids (2 yr old girl and a 5 month old boy) wear baby legs. they are perfect for the cool nights! tell hubby to shut his pie-hole and let the kid wear 'em!! ;)

  2. Wish I knew about them when my son, now 11, was a baby!

  3. They are for both! My son (3) has car ones and I already have a stash going for my 8 week old (SON)!

  4. well i am pretty sure baby legs were intended for "crawlers" so they dont scuff up there legs.. So they are meant for both biy and girl.