Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Let me talk about something that makes me CRAZY for just a second. THE COST OF PRESCRIPTIONS! I was in the hospital Sunday night for my gallbladder. They wrote me a script for a medicine that for 30 tablets at 40 mg was going to cost $219. AND YES, I have insurance. That was the cost AFTER my insurance paid their part. There is no reason for that. That is insane. So when I complained to my doctor that I needed to get a different type of medicine, you know what he said? OHHH the 40 mg tables are expensive, so if we change your script to the 20mg tablets and you take two instead of one, the pharmacist told him it would cost $39. More tablets....LESS money???? WHAT? Whatever. This is what I am talking about. INSANE, (and it isn't a little difference).

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