Thursday, May 21, 2009


This is just to cute I have to blog it! Today in Denver it is overcast and kinda chilly, my feet were cold. I went into my room and grabbed a pair of slipper socks and threw them on. I walked out into the room where Jaidyn (my four year old) was, and she right away said, "Mommy, are those Stellan's socks?" I looked down and to my amazement, realized my socks were orange and stripped. I told her, "Yes, I guess they are!" Maddie (my eight year old) then walked into the room and Jaidyn told her, "Mommy is wearing Stellan's socks, that is so nice of Stellan to share!" I just busted out laughing. She had learned about Stellan and his socks watching me DAILY checking MckMama's blog. She made a comment that she liked his socks one day, and said she needed orange socks like Stellan. I love mommy moments like this.... I also love that my children know Stellan, by name, to the point that they know what kind of socks he wears!

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