Friday, May 22, 2009

Rain down on me.

It is pouring rain right now and the thunder and lightning is MASSIVE! Wow, I mean like shaking the house. My eight and four year olds are freaking! I love the rain and I love thunder and lightning. I am trying to show them my calmness. Just on the laptop, (not plugged in) acting as if all is good. I told them God was bowling that was the thunder. I told them the lightning was when his ball hit the floor after he threw it. Jaidyn said God should play baseball. She cracks me up her responses are priceless always!

I have this teenage memory when I think of rain. I went on a hike with a boy when I was 16, I won't mention his name (JC). We hiked up Green Mountain. The house I grew up in backed up to Green Mountain. I took forever (like always) getting ready, (what girl doesn't). I sported all the right clothing to go hiking with the boy I liked. I had my GOOD nike tennies, I had my Adidas stripe down the sides short-shorts, and the matching zip front jacket. The t-shirt I wore (YES I REMEMBER) was teal, because it matched the stripes on the shorts. Anyway, I looked GREAT. My hair and makeup were perfect. YES I can tell you know where this is going. We hiked, and hiked we made it up to the top of the highest hill on Green Mountain, my sister and I named it Kokamo Hill. It was kinda overcast and cool. We got up there and sat down, I remember being stressed about the dirt staining or ruining (even though though they were black) my shorts. So I was kind of squirmish. I am sure JC thought I was nervous about being up there in that situation, alone with him, because he knew I liked him. But I was so not nervous, I was having an issue with my OCD over my shorts! LOL. It started getting kinda windy. Anyway we talked. A few little droplets started, not bad though. We talked some more. Just when he was going to kiss me (I SWEAR) a MAJOR bolt of lightning struck followed by the loudest thunder I had EVER heard. We both thought it was a VERY good idea to head down. 30 seconds later as we are trying to get down Kokamo hill, it starts pouring. Crazy rain. Crazy rain on mountain hills caused CRAZY mud. I am talking down pour. We were running. My shoes.... gone. My makeup... beyond gone.... my hair... no longer cute... my shorts soaked yeah... we got to the bottom of the mountain where the trail meets the residential street and we continued to run. He was so kind he ran me to my door and then back down the street to his house. I decided later, that God didn't want me to kiss him. LOL! I actually never did kiss him. I walked into the front door that day and I will never forget my dad started laughing. He put his arm around me and said, you spent all that time in the bathroom getting ready for nothing. I could have gone and made you look like this with the hose in a matter of seconds. He kissed my forehead and said to me, welp, it looks like your gonna need some new shoes. Thanks Daddy. :o)

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