Sunday, May 17, 2009

Praying again for Stellan / and pissed off ticked at people who have no respect for others!!!!

Stellan started flipping back and forth between high and low (scary low) heart rates again yesterday and the day before. It sounds like it has gotten better, but she has not yet posted this morning so I am curious to see how his night has gone. So I am still praying for him! I always pray for him, I just do it SEVERAL times a day when he is having a tough day, and he has been doing really well the last two weeks. I was pissed unhappy to see that someone posted McKmama's kids names online. She has made it more than understood that yeah if you search you can probably find their names, but she didn't want the world to know them or she wouldn't have put initials on her blog. I just think people have no respect! Back when she used their names, she probably had like twelve followers. I guess it all comes with being famous :) It just made me really upset because they (the people posting their names) obviously read her blog. I just have more respect for others I guess. Am I overreacting?

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