Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Little Miss Maddie...

So Maddie, (my eight year old) had her play at school tonight. It was good. Her dad didn't show up. That didn't surprise me, but it let her down. Jerk. I don't know why he has to be like that. Don't tell her you are going to go if you aren't. Not to mention she is already dealing with a bunch of crap worrying about Morgan (there is no change there). Maddie loves plays. She is my little actress... She is so girly. She loves pink. She loves dresses that twirl, she loves her plays because she is a little actress. She is all about being a girl. I continue to pray for her. Morgan has really hurt Maddie. It pisses me of that my child is hurting due to another one of my children. That should never happen.

We leave in the morning around 8 for Connors trip. His entire class is going to Colo Springs for a fun overnight trip. They get to go to Garden of the Gods, The Air Force Academy, Cave of the Winds and some fossil place. I am a chaperone. I have been asigned five boys for my car. I did this same trip two years ago when Morgan went, but it was all girls in my car then. I think the boys will be easier. The girls where just gabby and goofy (just like I used to be). We will see how the boys go... I will let you know.

I am exauseted and I have a big day tomorrw. I will catch you up on the other kids and other issues soon. Sleep is NEEDED, NOW!

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