Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I have my daughter.... for now, so the sun will shine for awhile!

A local police Department found Morgan today. She went to a school to visit a friend, and that is actually trespassing if you are not a student there, and have no real reason to be there. Well they didn't charge her with trespassing, but did find out that she was a run away! So her dad picked her up. We will yet again tell her that behavior is unacceptable and take away her privileges, and watch her run away the first chance she gets. I have tried counseling, group counseling, the help of social services, the help of her doctor, I have done it all. It is not illegal for them to run away. So you can listen to adults and respect them, or run free and get to do what ever you want when ever you want and its not breaking any law. HMMMM which would you choose at 15? The system makes me nuts. Make it illegal to run away. Make something happen to them. Anything. Just something. But I am glad they found her. I love her so much and my blog so far in the month of May has been very depressing. No wonder I don't have many readers! They don't want to get depressed! I will try and be more uplifting. Try.

Thank you God for hearing me always. Thank you for keeping her safe. I am so thankful to know someone as amazing as you!

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