Thursday, May 21, 2009

Good Morning to you, it is a great day!

Good Morning! It is kinda gloomy out but you wouldn't know it IN my house. Laughter, COFFEE, that I love you look you catch from your hubby. All is good. It is amazing to me how HAPPY I am when all of my children are where they are supposed to be. If you missed it, we found Morgan. She is fine. She is just 15 and thinks she knows all about life and doesn't want to follow anyones suggestions on how she should live her life. It is so much more fun to run free and stay with friends that have parents that don't give a CRAP what their kids do and don't do. But remaining consistent in the way I handle it I think is helping. What is helping the most is all the praying I have been doing. I was so glad to know that God was listening, (as he always does). My other prayers lately have been about finding a church. My church closed awhile back, which I LOVED. I have been church hopping and can't find what "feels" right, or is "where we are supposed to be". I have two churches left that I have found to try. You can't just decide in one visit either. So I am choosing the one closest to me, to attend first. Maybe someone knows something about one or both of them.... if so drop me a line. The first Church (IN NO ORDER OF LIKING, JUST IN ORDER OF BEING CLOSER TO ME) is Park Church. The other is Flatirons Community Church. Park church seems like it is newer and just starting out, using another church for their church (I think), while FCC is HUGE! I love Crossroads, the church I am going to while trying to find a church, HA that sounds so funny. I love the messages at Crossroads, and I LOVE the Worship! However the church is soooooo big that you feel lost. You never see the same person twice. It makes me feel like you really can't connect. When I mentioned that to the greeter who asked me if I was liking it there, she said a lot of people say that and that is why they recommend their small groups. They recommend you get involved in the church in some other groups to start to connect with people, and that is all and good, but with what time? I know it sounds bad.... I am making time for God (going to church and praying daily, BUT I am not making time to connect with the others that worship him. I must seem like I am half assing it. That is really not my intentions. I just don't want a marriage group or a morning prayer group or a bible study with other moms of six kids. Am I being lazy? Should we have more control over our schedules? From Counseling to Soccer to Church to school dances, I with six kids am just scheduled out. I just want to go to a church on Sundays and connect with everyone there. Is that rude? Lazy? Pathetic?

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