Monday, May 4, 2009

Day one of vacation!

So I woke up this morning EARLY. I couldn't sleep. I was so tired but was irritated. Don't ask me what from, because I have no idea. I just get like that. I am fine and then either I can't get to sleep, or I wake up and I am wide awake. Who knows what my problem is. So there is no change in the Morgan thing. The officer said she is walking a safe straight line. She is not breaking any laws while being a run away, so there is nothing they can do.

Connor is great. I am chaperoning on his school trip this Thursday and Friday. We (him and I) are so excited for his trip. It is a overnight trip. I think all kids like that. I did feel special (and loved) when he asked me if I would chaperon. I chaperoned the same trip for Morgan when she was in seventh grade, back when she loved me about two years ago.

Kali is doing good also. I think step parenting is hard. You have to teach a child how to act, but when a child is a teenager, they don't want to listen to begin with let alone to someone who is not my REAL mom. What ever. I try. I try and try and try to be nice, kind and supportive. I will continue to try.

Maddie ... OHHHHH my gosh we didn't get homework done I just remembered. shit! Shoot! I told Maddie we would go to dinner and finish it when we got home. We got home and were playing with the new computer as a family and we forgot and then I just informed the kids that it was bedtime. Bummer. I will have to get her up early. GREAT, she is my child that needs all the sleep possible or she is crazy. LOL

Jaidyn is going through her testing phase. She is making me crazy, I feel like I am doing nothing but spanking her. I feel kinda bad, but it is everything. Don't go in the street, and then she looks at me and puts her one foot out in the street. When I swat her butt, (which don't get me wrong we don't spank a lot just when our kiddos deliberately do NOT LISTEN) she yells at me I DID NOT GO IN THE STREET MY FOOT DID! Then I inform her that now she has time out for lying. GEEEEEZZZZZEEEE!

Mark is Mark. He is a cute baby boy that is learning to cry when he doesn't get his way. He tried to grab my knife at lunch and I just nicely moved it and said no, no Markie, that is owie. He threw his head back and started crying, (being that all he heard was the NO) and then he launched his head forward and SMACKED it (hard) on the tile top table at the Mexican restaurant. Yes it as of tonight is bruised. A perfect bruised circle / line right in the center of his forehead. I guess he won't do that again. Poor guy.

The husband? He is good. He continues to work hard to provide for us, and I love him for that. OK truth is I love him for a lot more than that. A lot.

My happy: I had a good day.

My stress: money, unorganized in my office, Morgan

My fear: Morgan

My wish: Morgan, and that Brittany wouldn't move away :(

My prayer: Morgan to come home. Morgan to REALLY know how much I and others love her. The health for my family to continue, health for baby stellan to continue, and for all to see that they are truly blessed.

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