Saturday, May 23, 2009

crickets, owls, and me... all awake right now.

It is ten minutes after two (AM!!!!!!!) and I can't sleep, but I am exhausted. I hate when this happens. My husband is laying next to me sawing logs. My house is so quiet, other than PROTECTOR (that is my husbands nick name) snoring. I had a gallbladder attack earlier. I took my pain killers at 7 and they knocked me out.... causing me to sleep until like midnight. Now my body feels like I've had a nap and I am wide awake. I hate this. It is like a chain effect. I will pass out around 4 or 5, and then be tired all day tomorrow because my kids will wake me up like at 7. I have NO time for my gallbladder. The doctor said if I had one or two more attacks he wanted to take it out.... but how do I make time for that? How depressing. We don't have time to have a surgery that is highly recommended by your doctor. I just look at him and say, I have one attack like every three months, and I have six kids in school and a husband that is always working because we have six kids... um yeah, when do I do that? I am going to go take a shower to try to relax. NIGHT. OH WAIT, your already sleeping. When you read this it will be good morning or afternoon if you are lucky and get to sleep in LOL!

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    And didn't you know...Mommy's aren't allowed to be sick!!