Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Made Brave by BABY STELLAN

Sorry I haven't written, I have been CRAZY BUSY! Cleaning, Organizing, Shampooing carpets, disassembling car seats to clean, throwing out old medication and staying one amazing night in the ER for my stomach! I thought it was my gallbladder and it wasn't. It was a spasming ulcer! I hate IV's. I am sure nobody loves them, but I mean I have a total freak out moment panic attack, tears, crying (and I am so not kidding) My husband then said, just think honey, Stellan has been through so much worse. He put it in perspective. He is right. Who am I to get so upset over one IV when Stellan goes through all of this all the time. I put on my brave face and for the first time EVER did not cry. So a picture was taken. What I hate the most is IV's. What I love is that a little baby that I don't even know, has made me a stronger person! I am going to bed I have been so tired. Maybe I am just doing to much. I don't know. Have a good night!

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