Friday, May 22, 2009

Coffee Break to blog...

Good Morning all! I am on my second cup of coffee and it is not working yet! *YAWN* I am so looking forward to my three day weekend. Memorial Day Weekend. I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday weekend. School is out for our kiddos. Connor is already enjoying his summer! Kali actually has one more week. I have four kids in three different schools. How crazy I know. But that is because Morgan is in high school and Connor and Maddie (my two go to their own school a K-8 school) and Kali my step daughter goes to the school she went to before her dad and I got married so she could keep all her same friends. It just makes school, school driving and school vacations and school days very confusing! It really made me mad this year because Kali's spring break was a different week than Connor and Maddie's. That threw going on a mini vacation out the window. That is the bummer. Oh well! I LOVE Connor and Maddie's school, so them going somewhere else is NOT an option. As far as putting Kali in there school, she is our shy one and it takes her FOREVER to make friends. Therefor I do not want to move her either. So we will stay put and deal with it. The joys of having a lot of children! Don't be fooled, I love EVERY minute of it!

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