Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My praying (FOR STELLAN) angel, Maddie

Maddie. Oh Maddie. She did the sweetest thing a couple of days ago. We made her a costume for Roman day. It was just a white sheet with gold ruffly trim going down the sleeves and around the neck. It looked more like an angel costume than anything. Anyway, I had the front door open for daycare to come in, and the sun was shinning through it. She was standing in the sunshine, and the sun was shining through her hair. She looked like an angel. But she didn't realize I had walked into the room and I was just standing looking at how pretty she looked, (she is my eight year old). Before I continue I need to explain what I made that has to do with this story. I found fake small bird like eggs. I made a nest out of this nest making material, and put it in a basket and on each egg I wrote a name until our entire families names were in the nest written on the eggs. Anyway because I am so focused on the health of Stellan, and because he has made such an impression on our family, I wrote his name on an egg too. OK BACK TO MY STORY.... so Maddie is in the sun. Looking beautiful, and I realized her hands are together, as if she were praying. I look at her face (from across the room) and realize her eyes are closed and yes, she is praying. I stood there amazed. Here is my daughter, my quiet one. Praying. Dressed as an angel, standing in the sun I backed up where she wouldn't hear me, ok so I wouldn't interrupt, and just watched in amazement. If that wasn't enough to bring on the tears, here is what happened next!! Her brother walked out of the bathroom, and she didn't want him to see her (obviously) so she opened her eyes and opened her hands. I then realized she had something in her hands. I walked over to give her a hug and she put back in our family basket the egg that said Stellan. She looked at me and said I was just holding Stellans egg for a minute, and she walked away. Total Balling began. I love her so much she is so kind and so good. Thank you God for making her my daughter!

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