Thursday, April 2, 2009


So I am new at this blog thing. I am just getting the hang of it, I think. I just called the school my kids attend, and asked if we could all do a picture (large assembly) with all the kids holding a piece of paper with Stellans name on it! The director thought it would be a great idea and she is going to get back to me and let me know. There are no more posts on Stellan yet today, I hope (and pray) that he is still doing well. As for my personal life, I wish my teenager (Morgan) would not make her life so hard. I guess that sounds funny. All teenagers make their lives crazy I guess. She has decided the last few days that she is not going to go to school. She hated living with me so we had her stay with her dad for awhile... and she is acting up for him now to. She calls him and says shes not coming home and he cant make her, and saying 'you don't even know where I am'. So I was the mean mommy. I hope I did the right thing. I just called and had her cell phone turned off. They said it would be turned off within the next 24 hours. Part of me didn't want to turn it off. At least if she answers her phone when she is refusing to come home, I at least know she is not dead! I guess its called tough love. When she realizes her phone is shut off, and calls me on one of her friends phones I guess I will just tell her, when you follow the rules and go to school you can have a phone. Of course I will inform her of that after she tells me what a mean mom I am and that I am the worst fucking mom ever and she hates me. I guess I call her in as a run away again. I feel so bad waisting all of these officers time, but If I don't call her in it looks like I don't give a shit about her coming and going. Over my dead body will I teach my other kids that it is ok to do this.

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  1. This reminds me of someone we once knew, doesn't it? I recall one of our girls would disappear for days then just show up like nothing ever happened. Never could figure out what went wrong, but we were always glad she was ok. I pray that Morgan will learn her lesson. I remember my horrors when my mom would take my phone away! "OMG! How dare you! I hate you!" Yeah, I think most of us went through that. But we all grew up and love our mommies.

    Don't give up honey. She'll figure it out, and I hope it happens soon, just for the sake of your sanity!!!